Himmel und Hölle / Hopscotch

compilation of three shorts, 25 min., shooting format: 35mm + Alexa ProRes / 1:2,35 / color, screening format: 2K DCP
director: Kristina Kean Shtubert, DoP: Nicola Hens, production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin
Cast: Pavel Wenzel, Lucie Rudolph, Talisa Lemke, Peter Bulkowski

“Hopscotch” takes a close look at short moments in three teenagers’ lives. Each part portrays a situation, in which growing up is delayed. It is an outlook at the impact actions can have when you are given responsibility. But not yet. The teens can still defy time and adulthood. Searching for a version of themselves they might like, each of them is prepared to suppress and ignore their true nature. They are all character actors performing within their own lives, but some of them have chosen better roles. Life takes place in a blurred place between childhood and adulthood. The desire for closeness clashes with the fear of it and results in clumsy advances. Whether we are watching reality or what is meant to appear as such, remains open to interpretation.

The three episodes are loosely connected. Characters emerge and come into focus as if by chance, only to disappear again.

ROKSANA  meets Nick, pesters and torments him, until he turns things around. Suddenly, Roksana is confronted by her own actions. But this is not enough to make her change.

TOBI watches a group of girls at a lake. One of them discovers him and his punishment is cruel. He has to swallow his pain, since admitting to it would be worse than the punishment itself.

ALINA wants to go to a party that could change her life. The peer pressure is so great, that Alina is prepared to risk her entire family’s lives for a chance to go. For the game, for life, for death, where’s the difference?