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————- in (post) production ————-

Mother (wt)
Germany 2014-2015. short film. 10 min. Arri Alexa ProRes / Red RAW 5K (Epic) for DCP
director: Kristina Kean Shtubert. production: A CLEAR VIEW – post production master class
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Germany 2014. short film. 15 min. s16mm for DCP
director: Robert Morgenstern. production: German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (dffb)
in post production
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In the mountains where everybody is called Ban (wt)
China/Germany 2015. documentary. ca. 30 min. DSLR-HD for DCP
production: Beijing Bojing Culture and Media Production
in post production
director, 2nd camera , editor

————- finished ————-

Himmel und Hölle / Hopscotch
Germany 2012-2015. compilation of three short films. 25 min. 35mm 2perf and Alexa ProRes for DCP
director: Kristina Kean Shtubert. production: German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (dffb)
in final post production| more information

Death & the Maiden
Germany/Israel 2012-2014. experimental documentary. 30 min. XDcamHD for DCP
director: Yael Lotem. production: Yael Lotem
Winner at DocAviv Film Festival Israel 2014, Jerusalem Film Festival 2014, Festival dei Popoli Florence 2014
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Germany 2013-2014. experimental documentary. XDcamHD/Black Magic ProRes for DCP
director: Lisa Rave
Videokunst Förderpreis Bremen #21 at Künstlerhaus Bremen

The Cooper Test Series
Germany 2013-2014. video installation. 10 x 15 min. HD-RedMX for video installation
director: Jonas Weber Herrera. production: curtis filmproduction
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Germany 2013-2014. audio-visual installation. 20 min. loop. HD-Red MX for screen projection.
artist: Cathleen Schuster & Marcel Dickhage. production: Cathleen Schuster & Marcel Dickhage
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Babuschka, wo sind die Gäste? / Babushka, where are the Guests?
Germany 2011-2014. documentary. 15 min. s16mm for DCP
production: German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (dffb), also director and editor
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Awarded at Grenzlandfilmtage Selb 2015

Projet Ballons #1-5
France/Germany 2013-2014. expanded cinema project. five short plan sequences. DSLR-HD for video installation
artist: Julien Escafit
(cinematography and photography)
backup film festival Weimar 2014, Traverse Vidéo – video art festival Toulouse 2015

Studio Pietà (King Kong Komplex)
Germany 2013. audio-visual installation. HD-Red (Epic/Scarlett) for screen projection
artist: Simon Fujiwara. production: studio simon fujiwara berlin
Sharjah Biennale 2013 | Andrea Rosen Gallery New York | Kunstverein Braunschweig

Ordinary Shapes by Tim Wheelan
Germany 2013. music video. 3 min. DSLR-HD
director: Benjamin von Alemann. production: Tim Wheelan
Pentedattilo Film Festival Italy 2013

One Day
USA/Germany/France 2011-2012. video installation. 24 hours. XDcamEX for screen projection
artist: Vera Lutter. production: Vera Lutter Studios New York
also post production supervisor
exhibited at Musée d’art contaimporaine de Nîmes, France from June to September 2012.
LINK | WATCH excerpts

Changing Rooms
Germany/Finland 2012. video installation. XDcamEX for screen projection
artist: Katharina Knust. production: Talo – Rovaniemi Residency for Creative People
exhibited at Galleria Koti, Rovaniemi / Finland, in June 2012

Wildes Deutschland – Der Thüringer Wald / Germany Wild – The Thuringian Forest
Germany 2012. natur documentary. 90 min. HDcam
production: Capricornum Film, NDR/arte
German tv screening (MDR) in April 2012
additional camera (7 days)

Das Geheimnis der Nudelsuppe / The secret of the noodle soup
Germany 2011. short film. 10 min. HD-RedMX
director: Marcel Gisler. produktion: Roberto Guerra
also editor

Eismädchen / Girls on Ice
Germany 2011. documentary. 75 min. XDcamEX/blueRay
director: Katharina Knust. production: BFI – Bauhaus Film Institute
TV distribution in Germany 2011
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Oxfam I.N.F.A.M. – Explaining Millenium Development Goals
Germany 2011. social spots. 3 x 1:30 min. DSLR-HD.
director: Moritz Mohr. production: 10hoch16, Oxfam Germany

Oxfam Trailwalker 2010 + 2011
Germany 2010 + 2011. several short reportages. 2-5 min. XDcamEX/live stream
directors: Benjamin von Alemann, Klaus Neumann. production: Oxfam Germany

Es gibt kein richtiges Leben im Falschen
Germany 2011. short film. 25 min. XDcamEX
director: Julian Radlmaier. production: German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb)

Shaolin in Berlin
Germany 2010. documentary. 15 min. HDV
director: Wen Yuxiang, Stefanie Meyer. production: studio bauhaus.

Because the Night
Germany 2010. short film. 7 min. 16mm/16mm print
director: Sara Bungartz. production: German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (dffb)

Helgoland – Insel im Sturm / Island in the Storm
Germany 2010. documentary. 45 min. XDcamEX
director: Robert Morgenstern. production: NDR, Little Kong Film
additional camera (30 days)
Winner at Jackson Hole Wildlife Filmfestival 2011
TV distribution in Germany 2010-2013

Manager der Straße
Germany 2009. reportage. 20 min. XDcamHD/BlueRay
director: Anja Reiß. production: Filmakademie Ludwigsburg
German Economic Film Award 2009

Heart of Fire – Making Of
Germany/Kenia 2008. documentary. 45 min. DVcam/DVD
director: Carla Guttmann. production: Bayrischer Rundfunk, TV60 filmproduction
Nominated for cinematography award at IFFF Dortmund/Cologne
TV distribution in Germany and Austria 2009-2011

Shalom Salam
Germany/Israel/Palestine 2006. documentray. 52 min. DVcam/DVD
directors: Beratrice Möller, Nicola Hens. production: Luise Film
Website | WATCH as Video on Demand
Winner at dokumentART European Film Festival 2006

Omulaule heißt Schwarz / Omulaule means Black
Germany/Austria/Namibia 2003. documentary. 66 min. DVcam/blow up to 35mm copy.
directors: Bea Möller, Susanne Radelhof, Nicola Hens. production: hens/möller/radelhof
Website | WATCH as Video on Demand
Award of the Federal Center for Political Education Thuringe 2003 | Winner at Black Cinema Film Festival Berlin 2004 | Award of Youth Culture of the City of Eisenach 2004
DOK Leipzig 2003, Videofest Kassel 2003, DOK Munich 2004, Cologne Conference 2004, Wild International Film Festival Windhoek, Namibia 2004
German cinema premiere in September 2004 in Leipzig. Part of the program “Cinema for Schools” 2004-2006. TV distribution in Germany and Austria 2005-2007.