intercultural exchange

Shooting of short film in Kolda. Senegal 2006.

Intercultural Exchange / Community Project

Video letters Germany – Senegal
Conception of the programm, conduction of workshops and film production in Senegal and Germany.

Result of the project are seven short films (ca. 5 min each) written and directed by students of middle school CEM1 in Kolda, Senegal and high school IGS Willy-Brandt Magdeburg, Germany

Fundet by ASA-program scholarship of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation, in colaboration with the NGO FODDE Senegal, the Association for Cultural Child and Youth Education in the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt and Agency of Volunteers Magdeburg.

LINK to project blog 2006/2007

LINK to video from Senegal to Germany:
Tolof-tolof bou Ramatoulaye / Ramatoulaye’s suffering

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LINK to video from Germany to Senegal:
Schule – Nein Danke! / School – No thank you!

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more filmmaking workshops for Chance Europa 2020 and Global Dialog