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————- in (post) production ————-

In the mountains where everybody is called Ban (wt)
China/Germany 2015. documentary. ca. 30 min.
production: Beijing Bojing Culture and Media Production.
also director and 2nd camera

————- FINISHED ————-

Projet Ballons #1-5
France/Germany 2013-2014. expanded cinema project. five short plan sequences. DSLR-HD for video installation. artist: Julien Escafit
backup film festival Weimar 2014, Traverse Vidéo Toulouse 2015, France

Babuschka, wo sind die Gäste? / Babushka, where are the Guests?
Germany 2014. documentary. 15 min.
production: German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (dffb)
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Awarded at Grenzlandfilmtage Selb 2015

One Day
USA/Germany/France 2012. video installation. 24 hours. XDcamEX for screen projection.
artist: Vera Lutter
production: Vera Lutter Studios New York
also post production supervisor
exhibited at Musée d’art contaimporaine de Nîmes, France from June to September 2012.

Oxfam Trailwalker 2012
Germany 2012. several short reportages. 2-5 min.
director: Benjamin von Alemann
production: Oxfam Germany

Das Geheimnis der Nudelsuppe / The secret of the noodle soup
Germany 2011. short film. 10 min.
director: Marcel Gisler
produktion: Roberto Guerra

Boogie Woogie Bernhard
Germany 2010. documentary. 18 min., HDV
production: German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (dffb)

Geduldet / Tolerated
Germany 2010. short film. 12 min., 16mm
production: German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (dffb)

Manager der Straße
Germany 2009. reportage. 20 min.
director: Anja Reiß.
production: Filmakademie Ludwigsburg.
German Economic Film Award 2009

Shalom Salam
Germany/Israel/Palestine 2006. documentray. 52 min.
directors: Beratrice Möller, Nicola Hens.
production: Luise Film, Bauhaus University Weimar.
Winner at European Film Festival dokumentART 2006

Omulaule heißt Schwarz / Omulaule means Black
Germany/Austria/Namibia 2003. documentary. 66 min. 35mm
directors: Bea Möller, Susanne Radelhof, Nicola Hens.
production: hens/möller/radelhof, Bauhaus University Weimar.
Award of the Federal Center for Political Education Thuringe 2003 | Winner at Black Cinema Film Festival Berlin 2004 | Award of Youth Culture of the City of Eisenach 2004
DOK Leipzig 2003, Videofest Kassel 2003, DOK Munich 2004, Cologne Conference 2004, Wild International Film Festival Windhoek, Namibia 2004
German cinema premiere in September 2004 in Leipzig. Part of the program “Cinema for Schools” 2004-2006. TV distribution in Germany and Austria 2005-2007.

video journalist for the programm VORGESTELLT (INDRODUCED),
a weekly format of short portraits of public figures and citizens of Weimar and its region, Salve TV Weimar
Media Award of Central Germany 2005 (Mitteldeutschen Medienpreis 2005) for “Apoldaer Faschingsnarr”


Far East
Germany 2013. documentary series. 10 x 45 min.
production: rbb, arte
in production

Hotel Sahara
Germany 2008. documentary. 86/52 min.
editor: Kristine Langner
production: Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion, ZDF, arte